Cemetery Walk
Saturday & Sunday, June 11-12 & Saturday, June 18

Step back as you watch former residents of Galena present their compelling stories in live theater format during the Galena-Jo Daviess County Historical Society’s annual Cemetery Walk.

The walk will take place from 2 to 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday, June 11-12, at Greenwood Cemetery on Gear Street, Galena.

There will be an indoor, seated performance held on Saturday, June 18 at 7 pm at Grace Episcopal Church, 107 S. Prospect, Galena.

At the cemetery, tour-goers will be guided by gravediggers through a 75 minute-tour featuring 10 characters.

Each character will share their life stories, tying them in with the history of Galena.

This year’s performance will focus on the lives of several, including:

•Elihu Washburne, a key participant in the formation of the Republican party who is considered a “king-maker” for his influence in Lincoln and Grant’s


path to presidency. He also served as the Minister to France during Grant’s administration.

•Nicholas Dowling and his wife, early settlers to Galena who began with their trading post. Nicholas went on to become a successful businessman.

•Daniel Harris, a famous riverboat captain. After his wife, Sarah Maria Langworthy, died at an early age, Daniel raised their small children.

•Louis Homrich, a sheriff, who later became the first Territorial Governor of the state of Wisconsin. He was also an avid baseball player for Galena.

•Frederick Stahl, an early Galena banker. Through his life, participants will gain insight on the banking profession and institution before there was a secure national banking protection program.

•John McQuade, circus acrobat and Galena native. He died during one of his practice routines. For years after his death, when the circus came to Galena, performers would come to his gravesite to pay him homage.