There are all sorts of ways to
be entertained

CAMPECHE IN GALENA -230 N Commerce St, Galena, 815-776-9950, just around the corner from Main Street. Outdoor seating available. Enjoy live music Thursdays through Sundays.

CORNERSTONE -125 N Main St, Galena, 815-7760700. The Cornerstone hosts live music every Wednesday through Sunday. Music styles range from acoustic music and jazz to heavier rock, but most acts fit into the classic rock or singer/songwriter genre.

EMBE EATERY & LOUNGE -233 S Main St, Galena, 815-777-2323,’s kitchen is open until 1 am daily. They offer live music and events on Friday and Saturday nights. The lounge hosts alternative, blues, classical, comedy, country, folk, jazz, metal, pop, R&B and rock.

DESOTO HOUSE HOTEL -230SMainSt, Galena, 800-343-6562, pianist Aaron Alexander plays weekly on Friday and Saturday nights.

FRANK O’DOWD’S IRISH PUB -9853 US 20, Galena, 815-776-0707, you’re looking for a pint, cheerful music and an energetic atmosphere, Frank O’Dowd’s is the place for you. There is live music every Friday and Saturday. Irish dancers perform at various times every Friday and Saturday.

GALENA BREWING COMPANY -227NMainSt, Galena, 815-776-9917, brewery hosts a wide variety of artists and bands, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights.

THE GRAPE ESCAPE -242 N Main St, Galena, 779-214-0003, Kitty offers live entertainment every weekend night at 9 pm. The cocktail lounge also hosts a quiz show every Sunday night.

LOG CABIN STEAKHOUSE -201 N Main St, Galena, 815-777-0393, Friday and Saturday, the Log Cabin plays host to live piano music from local pianists. Their pianists play a wide variety of music including classical, jazz and modern.

LOS AZTECAS -975 Galena Square Dr, 815-777-9066, on Galena’s west side, Los Aztecas is the place to be if you want to enjoy a margarita and listen to Latin music. Every Friday and Saturday from 5:30 to 9 pm listen to everything from classical flamenco to Brazilian jazz.