Passion for art

For Eric Faramus, a local painter and freelance graphic designer, art has been a passion since he was a young boy. He recalls always having some type of writing tool in hand, drawing whatever came to his imagination.

“Everyone draws when they are little, and some of them stop,” he explained. “I never stopped.”

Originally from France, Faramus attended college at the Superior School of Graphic Design ESAG Paris, and received his master’s degree in graphic design and illustration.

It was when he was living and working in Chicago that he came to the quaint and picturesque town of Galena.

“I absolutely loved it,” said Faramus, recalling the first time he visited the area, taking in the beautiful scenery and rustic rolling hills.

Today, Faramus lives in Galena with his wife, and has an in-home studio.

Faramus’ paintings are rich in color and creativity, leaving the viewer’s imagination to create a story. This is a very important concept in his dreamlike pieces.

He said,“(With a painting) I have my idea, that is my story. If I tell them (the viewers), it puts a cover on their imagination.”

When it comes to inspiration, Faramus says that he finds it in everything, including