Ever wonder what it would be like to have a sure bet? Knowing you are golden before you take that first step? Welcome to the Galena area, a bucket list destination that has so many unique experiences to create a trip around that you just can’t go wrong.

We believe you shouldn’t need a vacation to recuperate from planning for a vacation. That’s what makes the Galena area the perfect choice for your next trip. The downtown experience in Galena alone will be etched into your memory with its frozen-in-the-1800s look and 101 amazing shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities. When you toss in a golf resort, ski resort, a river that runs through town and far more than can be described in one conversation, you have a go-to vacation that’s easy to sell to your family, significant other or group.

Pick your fun in advance or just show up and roll à la carte from an amazing list of activities that includes P. T. Murphy Magic Theater, Blaum Bros. Distillery, Soaring Eagle Zip Line at Chestnut Mountain Resort, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, museums and golf at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa. It seems as if the area is adding or enhancing fun activities all the time.

Plus there are tours, lots of them. Vineyard and winery tours, ghost tours, town tours, Segway tours through the forest… sit back and relax, learn and absorb during these comfortable and entertaining experiences.

At the end of the day, you’ll appreciate Galena’s accommodating attitude. Individuals and groups are welcomed with open arms here.

Hospitality is a priority and customer satisfaction is our livelihood.

Our travel center in The Old Market House is a full service operation. We act as an extension of you, your family and your group and provide information, make arrangements and anything else you might need.

Our mission is to make your life easy, relieve the stress (moms, you know what we mean) and to make your experience with Galena as enjoyable as that of any you’ve ever had.

You make the decision to come and let us do the rest. We have a comprehensive website–VisitGalena.org–as a great source for planning or just to whet your appetite. You can even book your lodging there! Or send us a list of your needs and we’ll do the legwork and come back with all the options.

The Galena area is visually stunning and loaded to the gills with romance, family fun, events and activities plus the great outdoors. Come live in our world

for a bit. It’s a sure bet.

Chris Hamilton

President & CEO of VisitGalena.org