Other JDCF properties

Buehler Preserve 102 Jefferson St, Galena

The eastern portion of this parcel contains hilly woodland; the western portion, a flood plain that offers water filtration, flood storage, game and non-game habitat, a prairie restoration, and open space values in close proximity to the city of Galena. The Galena River Trail, open for hikers and bikers, extends from the Meeker Street footbridge into Buehler Preserve. For public use Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation keeps a trail mowed around the perimeter of the flat flood plain area.

Casper Bluff 870 S Pilot Knob Rd, Galena

Located 5 miles out of Galena, Casper Bluff Wildlife and Water Preserve boasts beautiful views and rich history. The Woodland people of the region would use these grounds for weddings, funerals, meetings and celebrations. If you look closely, you will spot the thirteen mounds that were built on this property.

As you look out at the main lookout point, you will view Harris Slough, the channel used by steamboats to travel to Galena. You will also see the backwaters and main channel of the Mississippi, as well as the bluffs of Iowa.

Keough Effigy Land & Water Reserve

1683 N Cross Rd, Galena

JDCF had been working with landowners Dan and B’Ann Dittmar to acquire Keough Effigy, when Native American Indian Mounds, first documented in the 19th century, were rediscovered there, and were found to include a rare bear effigy.

Through a series of land purchases, JDCF became the owner of and steward for these mounds and relics of early human settlement. The Reserve also protects four distinct natural habitats, each with its own community of plants and animals.

Schurmeier Teaching Forest 147 E Reusch Rd, Elizabeth

A teaching forest was created on the 11 western-most acres of the donated properties. This created the only teaching forest in Illinois. This rugged, hillside property is entirely wooded. Although the site was generally logged many years ago, the deeper ravines include some awe inspiring old growth timber.