Enjoy a day in the park

If you’re looking for a place to relax with a picnic, a place for the kids to play or just the perfect spot to take in the view, Galena has several public parks to enjoy.

Recreation Park

Recreation Park is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to get active.

Located on 8.5 acres off of Field Street, Rec Park offers an on-site skate park, softball fields, seven pavilions with tables, restrooms, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, shuffle board, basketball courts, bocce ball courts, sand volleyball courts and a croquet field.

Depot Park

The 10 acres adjacent to the Galena River, next to and in front of the Old Railroad Depot, is called Depot Park.

There are scattered picnic tables and plenty of room to throw a frisbee.

Gateway Park

Gateway Park, located at 9300 Powder House Hill Road, is a 100-acre park that offers scenic views and hiking trails.

Tot Lot

A little-known half-acre park at the intersection of Elk Street and Ridge Street is home to playground equipment for the smaller members of the family.

Old Cemetery Park

Next to the oldest cemetery in Galena, there are five acres with a basketball court, picnic tables, benches, a gazebo and playground equipment at the intersection of Dodge and Washington streets.

Galena River Trail

The Galena River trail offers 3.4 miles of scenic hiking, biking or cross country skiing for users.

The crushed rock trail is open to the public at no cost. Parking is available at the trail head. There is exercise

Recreation Park

equipment located along the trail. Originating from Depot Park just below the U. S. 20 Bridge, the forested trail winds south to Galena Junction and the backwaters of the Mississippi River.

Exercise Equipment

Three new exercise stations have been installed along the Galena River trail, intensifying and adding a new twist to your walk or run.

The stations are designed to each target a variety of muscle groups, allowing users to incorporate an interval training program into their work out.

The first station has been designed for either a push-up or a pull-up and other variations of these two exercises for development of specific upper body muscle groups. The second station has been designed for lower back strengthening and conditioning, and the third station has been designed for more specific upper body muscle groups.


Gateway Park

Grant Park