ity chocolate for their beverages.

For a spicy twist on the traditional mocha, try one of Devour’s most popular specialty drinks, the Mayan mocha, a delicious concoction of dark chocolate, almond, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and two shots of espresso. For those blazing summer days, try the Mayan mocha shaken with ice in its frappe form. It is also offered as a hot chocolate.

If you are looking for a little something sweet to pair with your perfectly-brewed drink, try the delicious Italian chocolate black pepper cookies, or decadent homemade two layer cake, always made fresh and offered with an ever changing variety of toppings.

3. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are not your ordinary autumn delight. They are hand-dipped year round, and topped with candies, cookies and an array of chocolates. Take one (or more) home, or have one cut up for a delightful treat.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stocks their store with homemade goodies, including chocolate dipped cookies, pretzels, bananas and strawberries, as well as their well known factory products. Popular products include their version of turtles with a twist, which they call bears. The popular chocolate, caramel and nut candy is offered with the classic pecan version, or almond, cashew, peanut or macadamia nut rendition.

4. Great American Popcorn Factory

As you stroll down Main Street, the aroma of freshly-popped popcorn will lead you to the Great American Popcorn Factory. They offer an assortment of chocolate popcorns, varying in milk and white chocolate. The creative flavors include delectable add-in ingredients, such as peanut butter, candy and cookie pieces.

Their extraordinary flavors span to their mouth-watering fudges, boasting the flavors of

cookie dough, raspberry chocolate dream,

birthday cake and mint chocolate

swirl. In their homemade chocolate department, popular sellers include “tiggers,” chocolate-dipped pretzels and peanut butter cups.

5. Galena’s Kandy Kitchen

Your eyes will light up as you scan this old fashioned candy shop lined with jars of sweets galore and display cases full of homemade chocolate confections founded in family tradition.

Galena’s Kandy Kitchen is currently the oldest candy store on Main Street Galena, in business for 43 years. It began with the dream of George Paxton, the son of accomplished candy maker, Bill Paxton, who invented “Chuckles.” George moved to Galena to open the store and founded his business on quality and the old-fashioned methods of candy making.

The Kandy Kitchen is locally known for their “Pecan Georgies,” made of creamy caramel, chocolate and pecans, and named after the founder. Quality ingredients, appreciation for tradition and a great level of skill go into their homemade candies and fudges, making the difference in their taste.

2017 Spring/Summer Galenian
6. Big Bill’s Sandwich Shop and Coffee Bar

Take a break from exploring the Helluva Half Mile, and relax at Big Bill’s Sandwich and Coffee Shop with an indulgent, rich mocha made with top-quality cocoa, sugar and milk, and finished with whipped cream. Choose from specialty flavors of raspberry, salted caramel, peppermint and hazelnut, taking your mocha to the next level.

Treat yourself to a mouth-watering pastry option that Big Bill’s provides, including tasty chocolate chip scones, decadent brownie bars, delicious chocolate croissants or a sweet seven-layer bar.

7. Chocolaterie Stam

Indulge in family tradition at Chocolaterie Stam. Founded by a fourth generation Dutch chocolaterie, Stam’s bonbons and chocolate products have been impressing customers for 104 years.

The intricate designs of the bonbons take part in the tradition as well, with some chocolates still being cast in molds that are 100 years old.

Along with their sea of chocolate options, Stam also offers delicious freshly homemade gelato, coffee, espresso and hot chocolate beverages.