Best of Galena
Robert Mahan, Aldrich Guest House
by Dan Burke
Innkeepers well known as the
Best of Galena

Hellman Guest House

Many choices exist in the lodging landscape, but there is only one option synonymous with luxury and personal service: the bed and breakfast.

B&Bs are for discerning travelers looking for more than a bed and a roof for the night. B&Bs offer a unique experience, an invaluable

resource to local happenings in the form of the innkeeper and personal service tailored to each guest’s needs.

Susan Steffan, co-owner of Farmers Guest House, said service is what separates the B&B from other forms of lodging.

“The money spent on a bed and breakfast is far more than a place to sleep,” said Steffan. “It becomes one

of the parts of the vacation that contributes to the overall relaxation and vacationing that you’re doing.”

Rita Wadman, owner Hellman Guest House, said B&Bs offer personal

attention. “We’re more personal

than a hotel,” said Wadman. “We’re locals, we have a better knowledge of what’s going on.”

The innkeeper is an integral part of the B&B experience, just

as crucial to the guest as the walls and roof of the house. Robert and Douglas Mahan, owners of Aldrich Guest House, have a combined experience of 45 years in the hospitality industry, and have a specific vision of the role of the innkeeper.

“Our goal is intuitive, professional, personalized service but unobtrusive,” said Robert. “Our goal is to have it done for you before you know you need it.”

“It’s your vacation, not ours,” said Douglas. “You tell us what you need. We want you to feel like this is your house.”

Steffan said service is not just an investment but a passion.

“The B&B owner is invested in their guests having an exceptional experience,” said Steffan. “We have a passion for pleasing people and providing hospitality.”

The innkeeper has more duties than serving breakfast or taking part in wine and hors d’oeuvres at 5 p. m. Every B&B reflects the personality of its owner, from decor to food to the property itself.

Wadman said the innkeeper wears many hats.

“The innkeeper is the whole gamut,” said Wadman.

Wadman said everything she cooks is homemade, she cleans, does