Other JDCF properties

Buehler Preserve 102 Jefferson St, Galena

The eastern portion of this parcel contains hilly woodland; the western portion, a flood plain that offers water filtration, a prairie restoration, and open space values in close proximity to the city of Galena. The Galena River Trail, open for hikers and bikers, extends from the Meeker Street footbridge into Buehler Preserve.

Horseshoe Mound 1679 N Blackjack Rd, Galena

Just outside of Galena on the Eastern gateway of the city, Horseshoe Mound boasts a breathtaking view overlooking the city of Galena. The site has multiple scenic outlooks, gathering circles and hiking trails.

Schurmeier Teaching Forest 147 E Reusch Rd, Elizabeth

This teaching forest was created on the 11 western-most acres of the donated properties. This created the only teaching forest in Illinois. This rugged, hillside property is entirely wooded.

Galena Gateway Park

9300 W Powder House Hill Rd, Galena

Holding one of the most scenic views in Galena, JDCF gifted the city of Galena with Galena Gateway Park. The park consists of natural prairies with an always changing population of wild flowers and woodlands. There are mowed and paved gravel paths for hiking, running, mountain biking, birdwatching and picnicking.

Wapello Land & Water Reserve 8642 Ill. 84,

Hanover Named after the original name of

Hanover and the chief of the Fox Indians, Wapello Land & Water Reserve is a 70-acre site south of Hanover. It is a part of the National Register of Historic Places, based on its significance as a meshing point between two Native American cultures. It now boasts one of the premier prairies restorations in the Midwest.